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What is a run capacitor used for?

A motor run capacitor is used to continuously adjust current or phase shift to a motor’s windings in an effort to optimize the motor’s torque and efficiency performance. All run capacitors are designed for continuous duty and as a result, have a much lower failure rate than start capacitors.

Why do I need to replace a Gas or Electric Furnace Run Capacitor?

Capacitor Failures are very common and most of the time go unnoticed; Sometimes until it dies completely. A Run Capacitor should be checked on a regular basis. A complete failure of a run capacitor will cause a motor to not have that “Extra Kick” to get the fan spinning. A run capacitor can also become weak and cause a motor and/or compressor to run at higher amps – Using more electricity – This causes the motor/compressor to run hotter and shortens their life expectancy.

All Capacitors have a certain lifespan. There are several factors that may  increase or reduce the life of a run capacitor, but once the design life is exceeded, the internals may begin to more rapidly decay and drop in performance. Simply put, a failure may be attributed to it being “just old.”

Maintaining a fresh Run Capacitor will help your system and its other parts live longer, preventing bigger problems, making you happier. 

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