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Springtime is shortly upon us and with that comes allergies. If you will like to keep the amount of sneezing and running noses to a minimum, here are some tips you might find helpful.

Duct Cleaning: When you run your heat or your air conditioning your air ducts collect dust and then blow that dust all around your home, flaring your allergies. Just getting your air ducts cleaned will reduce the amount of allergens circulating through your home and will benefit you and your family’s health.

Furnace Blower Cleaning: Having your blower cleaned will help with allergies as well as prolong the life of your motor for your heater. As the blades inside the blower turn, they build dust evenly, getting as thick as just a 1/16th inch of dust on them. If the dust breaks off of just one blade, it could throw the blower fan off balance and could burn out your engine. With that much dust, it could cause a decrease of air efficiency by 30%, which will mean you could be spending more money for it to get the same amount of air pushed through your house.

Air Purifier: There are several different types of air purifiers that work with your home comfort systems. Electronic Air Cleaners sit next to your systems and are easy to clean, reducing the amount of dust and particles in your air. Air Scrubbers kill off bacteria as well as reducing dust running through your vents. Most of these systems can remove up to 99.98% of all airborne particles within your home, keeping allergies and illness at bay.

We at Allred care about you and your family’s well-being. We are offering a deal on both of these cleanings and an Air Scrubber, through the months of March through May so you can have a more comfortable and enjoyable in your own home.

By doing some of these things it will help those of you who suffer from allergies and asthma during the springtime. With all of the dust, allergens, and bacteria gone you and your family will be able to breathe easier.

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